By : Shruthi Bhaasini

With less than two weeks left to the release of the Endgame, the movie is sure to deliver a whacking blow upon every known sphere. The latest trailer was released on Thursday, which is sure to be the icing on the cake, grabbing the attention of Marvel fans across the world. By disclosing just the right amount of data in an exact 30 seconds, the Russo Brothers have indeed proved their artistry. The trailer also does tell us that the Avengers are going to be split into “Teams”, with each having a separate mission to abide.

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Avengers : Endgame Final Trailer

Such a massive production needs its path to be plotted, well in advance, with a clear destination, sure to have all the characters rooted appropriately. Thus the Russo brothers are sure to have a route on where the movie is exactly heading towards, with its cast subjected to three or more alternate scenarios, more like an illusion, just to preserve that bundle of suspense. Starting with a cast of 28 heroes in the “Infinity War”, “Endgame” continues with just 50% of what Thanos, the Titan-born had left. Will the 13 heroes stand a chance against Thanos, his infinity Gauntlet and his so-called undying desire “to bring balance to the nine realms” or will they turn out to be imbecile? Or should we get reminded of the scene on Planet Titan, back in Infinity War?

STRANGE : I went forward in time to see all the possible outcomes of the present situation.

PETER : How many did you see?

STRANGE : Fourteen million six hundred and five

TONY : How many did we win?


Avengers – Endgame to hit theaters on April 26!

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