What is all this hype about “winter is coming”?

Isn't it high time that we join the GOT party?

With the final season of Game of thrones [GOT] on air now, if you are someone, who hasn’t started watching GOT yet this article is definitely for you. There are no spoilers, you can keep reading!

In a nutshell

This epic fantasy is about nine noble families, battling against each other to claim the iron throne. In a nutshell, the series is about who will survive through the raging war while protecting the entire continent from a mythical creature which returns after being dormant for thousands of years and win the throne.

Major plot

This show can be categorized into three plots.

  1. The battle between the lords of the westeros.
  2. The rise of targarens, as a new hope is born from the hatching of dragons.
  3. Protection of the continent from the mythical creatures lurking in the north of westeros.
The ultimate iron throne located in the great hall of the red keep.

As the sequel continues, a lot of mysteries are unraveled, giving us a lot of nail biting moments. The story revolves around Jon Snow, who is introduced in Season 1 as Ned’s son. Daenerys Targaryen is introduced as a young girl living in fear of her obnoxious brother, and turns out to be the mother of dragons. Arya Stark transforms from a precocious child to a ruthless assassin. There are a lot more important protagonists who I haven’t mentioned. I assure you that the script is tight, and you’ll get obsessed with the characters

Image source: Hollywood reporter. Mother of dragons with an infant dragon

As soon as you start binge watching this drama, you’ll understand that “summers span decades, and winters can last a lifetime.” This mythical series is certainly worth the hype!


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