One of the most popular apps, originating from a Chinese based company- “Tik Tok”, has been removed from Google and Apple app stores.

How does this app work?

Basically, the app allows users to film videos of themselves lip-syncing or acting out any sketches with special effects. One of its remarkable features is creating duets with anyone. 


Among the most trending challenges in Tik Tok, these are some challenges which created fan bases from all parts of the world.

#Oh NA NA NA challenge: [Repeatedly singing the same verse of a song]

# Shoe challenge: [Switching different shoes within 15 seconds]

# Rain drop challenge: [A special effect which allows you to control when the rain drops and stops]

# Count on me challenge: [Placing your chin on someone’s palm as a sign that you like them]

# Dame challenge: [Lip-synching to a japanese song]

#Ki-Ki challenge: [A dance challenge]


Darker side of TikTok

The Madras High Court originally asked for the ban months ago, stating that the app was “inappropriate for children” and “encouraged pornography”. The case was brought to Madras High Court on Tuesday, and the next hearing will be on April 24.

Although, TikTok is an enormous network of jokes and reactions it continues to be  intimidating due to its illicit content. 


Cover Image Source: The Next Web

Source: NDTV