On Monday, due to a fire that spread within minutes, Notre Dame cathedral was left devastated. The Cathedral has stood for more than 850 years. The fire started in the afternoon and it was difficult to put out due to the stone exterior which trapped the heat and smoke inside. It took nine hours before the firefighters could put out the flames. It left the people standing there and the world in tears. 

Image credits: Church News

The spire collapses in the ravaging fire

The loss of the Spire has left the Parisians in mourning. Due to the fire the oak frame and spire were lost though the main building is solid enough. The inspection of the interiors will go on for a week. The French President Emmanuel Macron has said “We now have to get things done. We will act, and we will succeed.” He has also vowed that “We will rebuild the Cathedral even more beautifully and i want it to be finished within five years.” He also warned “Let us not fall into the trap of haste.”

Donations for the reconstruction of Notre-Dame Cathedral

More than 800 million euros ($920 million) has already been pledged for the reconstruction of Notre-Dame Cathedral, according to French Culture Minister Franck Riester. The normal annual budget for restoring national monuments is about 300 million euros, he said.

The immediate priority is to secure Notre Dame’s vault, which has a gaping hole in the middle after its spire collapsed during Monday night’s fire, Riester said in an interview on France2 television. Other quickly needed steps are removing melted statues that are weighing on fragile parts of the outer structure.

Donations can be made here. Wealthy individuals and companies already have pledged hundreds of millions of euros for the project. Apple CEO Tim Cook has also pledged to donate along with many others like The Walt Disney Company, etc. 

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