Another one of India's daughters?

Every 13 minutes an innocent girl is raped in India.

That is 100 women a day.

That is 36,000 women a year.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau report (2016), India is the fourth most dangerous country for women in the world. According to Thomas Reuters Foundation, India is the most dangerous nation for sexual violence against women.

 When heart-drenching incidents like these happen, we often try to find loopholes and excuses to pacify ourselves that we’re safe. Society finds it easy to blame the victim, her clothes, or come up with “she was probably out too late in the night“, “she was probably drunk“, or “she wasn’t with a man“. 

Let’s face it. Girls with burkhas are raped and babies with diapers are raped. Whether in broad daylight or at night, if she is with a man or alone, no body is safe.


all we do as a society, is make her another one of INDIA'S DAUGHTERS.

A Rape, a murder, or a suicide?

A 23-year-old engineering student, who was pursuing a career in civil engineering at the Navodaya College, Raichur (Karnataka) was raped and murdered on Saturday, April 13. Her body was found hanging to a tree near Manik Prabhu temple, about 5-6 kilometers from her college.

 She was found three days after she went missing, along with a suicide note near the body. The facts don’t make sense, keeping in mind that her body was burnt and bruised badly.

What the police is (not) doing

She went missing for three days, and evidently it’s not a suicide. The locals strongly suspect rape and murder. The police investigations were overseen by the local politicians and the case was dimmed, claiming it was suicide due to her “backlogs” in academics. Despite obvious evidence, to many of us it seems like the officials to get away from the consequences that this incident may have on the upcoming elections.

That DOES NOT look like suicide.
Scatter plot of conviction rate and reported cases of rapes per 100,000 of the population (2016). Source: NCRB

This is India

Take a look, people. This is democracy. This is India, a country where goddesses like Lakshmi and Saraswati are worshipped on one side. Also a country where so called ‘daughters‘ are raped on the other. Let’s get this straight, she doesn’t have to be your mother or sister for you to respect her. Madhu could have been me, you, or anybody! That’s how low India has dropped to.

Source: NewsX


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