What is the EU?

The European union is a group of 28 countries in Europe, formed in the aftermath of World War-II. The main motto of the EU is to foster economic co-operation. It aims at bringing a single currency [EURO] of trade in order to stabilise the market. It also promotes peace, science and technology among the EU countries.

What is Brexit?

Brexit = Britain + Exit. Brexit is a shorthand for Britain’s split from the EU. A referendum was held on 23 June, 2016 to decide whether the UK should leave or remain in the European Union. “Leave” won by 51.9% to 48.1%.

The Brexit debate

The UK had been due to leave on 29 March 2019. But the withdrawal agreement reached between the EU and UK has been rejected three times by UK MPs.

The EU granted an initial extension until 12 April 2019. EU leaders have now backed a six-month extension until 31 October 2019. 

Immediate Impact of the Brexit situation

  • Green cards should be requested from insurer for driving.
  • One must buy an international driving permit to drive in Europe.
  • European Health insurance cards will become invalid.
  • The EU pet passport scheme will end for UK travellers.

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Source: The EU official