Dangerous times to fight for justice

Crimes against women and children are crimes on humanitarian grounds. Any form of abuse and assault is paramount to a war crime.

From the desk of President Donald J Trump.

We live in “Very scary times for young men in America” or anywhere else in the world for that matter, according to Donald Trump. This was in response to the uproar caused by three different sexual assault accusations against republican judge and now associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America- Brett Kavanaugh. 

Source: Vox

The icing on the cake is that he was handpicked by the President himself, who has over 20 allegations of sexual misconduct over the years.

#MeToo - a Movement

#MeToo is a movement sweeping across the globe that’s fighting against sexual harassment and sexual assault. It’s a public outcry to help reveal the extent of such heinous crimes and the alarming number of victims as well. An estimated of one-third of women worldwide experience sexual assault once in their lifetime, in a report by the World Health Organisation. 

Although it has garnered much momentum since 2017, it has also received criticism by some men who have launched a #HimToo movement in response to false allegations.

Why victims keep it shut

Source: Psychology Today

While many activists, NGOs, and even the women of a vicinity try to support the victim and demands justice, there is politics and foul play, on both sides of the court, ultimately resulting in gross miscarriages of justice. Many victims keep mum because of such consequences and the way they are ostracized to the extent of receiving death threats when cases like these are brought to the public spotlight.

Standing up for herself killed Nusrat Rafi

At the other end of the world however, a 19 year-old-girl was murdered for reporting sexual abuse by her teacher at Dhaka, Bangladesh. Nusrat Jahan Rafi was burned alive at a rooftop of a Islamic seminary when she refused to withdraw the police complaint against the head teacher. 

After sustaining 3rd degree burns covering 80% of her body, she died in the hospital on April 10th. Her case has sparked national and international outrage and prompted action from the government officials.

As from the above case, Rafi kept her word. 

The teacher touched me, I will fight this crime till my last breath.

She has passed away, but her cry for justice will not. To know that the conspirators and attackers were her own Principal and her classmates, is heartbreaking at the very least. 

The men she interacted with every day went so far as to kill her to keep her mouth shut about sexual abuse. This is a horrific example of what happens when a woman steps forward with her story.

A history of violence against women

This is the regression of mankind. The dark ages burned “witches” at the stake in the name of the church. They possessed no magic, instead property, power and intelligence. A hate crime caused by the jealousy and fear by medieval men. 

Source: Copely Johnson and Groninger PLLC

Today women are not only burned, but kidnapped, poisoned, tortured and murdered violently not being victims of circumstance. Honor killings, martial rape and abortion laws are still taking place, violating women in nearly every aspect of her life, including decisions about her own body.

Her Last Cry for Justice

It matters not which part of the world we heard the news from, because it’s a reality that could be happening in your neighborhood. Crimes against women and children are not headline fodder or touchy topics in everyday conversation. It’s a stain on humanity, process and every faith on this planet. It is to be fought like every other evil and not to be normalized. 

It’s high time victims and loved ones made the message loud and clear for the perpetrators and those who condone rape culture.

Crimes against women and children are crimes on humanitarian grounds. Any form of abuse and assault is paramount to a war crime.


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