Located about 160 miles North West of Tahiti, and approximately 2600 miles down south of Hawaii, Bora Bora is arguably the most beautiful island in the whole world. It comes as no surprise that it’s celebrated as the ‘Jewel of the South Seas’.

The locale, Bora Bora.

What you can expect on your arrival

Your love affair with this alluring island will begin before you set foot on it. You’ll get an eyeful by just taking a peek out of your plane window, and when the iconic Mount Otemanu comes to view, get your cameras ready, folks!

On your arrival, the placid tropical weather greets you with a warm embrace as you’re welcomed with sweet smelling Lei flowers and you’re transferred to your resort. Bora Bora is a place everyone would desire to visit – and you’ll be eternally enamoured by its charm. 

The finest place for a stay

St. Regis Bora Bora Resort

St. Regis is the ULTIMATE South Pacific splurge. Overwhelmingly posh and ritzy it may seem, it’s located in the best plausible stretch of the island. It is an out-of-the-world resort, which is home to the some of the world’s largest overwater bungalows which is each adorned with private plunge pools and a sumptuous view of the island. From lounging on your own private deck in your villa with glass floors to receiving room service via canoe, the St. Regis is an escape to opulent luxury.

St.Regis, Bora Bora


You can either sit by the pool, lounging away or venture into the main village of Vaitape and become acquainted with the locals. The local boutiques are a feast to the eyes and one should dine at one of Bora Bora’s restaurants and savour the local cuisine.

If you’re looking for water activities, when water happens to be the way of life in Bora Bora, you’ll be dazed by the number of activities offered to you, which include diving. paddle boarding, kitesurfing, snorkeling, cruising, jet skiing also, shark and ray feeding. You can tour the island be a seaplane. Cascading down the pristine sky of blue also a viable option.

Be it family or friends, this exuberant, lush land of paradise is the ideal summer vacay. 


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