A gunman opened fire on a synagogue in California on the last day of Passover (a Jewish holiday), killing one person and injuring three – A jewish worshipper, an injured rabbi, a child and a synagogue-goer. Following the recent attacks in Sri Lanka on Easter sunday, The Chabad of Poway Synagogue shooting is the latest. 

What happened exactly?

Lori Kaye, who was attending the service to pray for her mother jumped in front of the Rabbi (a Jewish religious leader) to protect him. Kaye was shot and killed. In an act of incredible composure of defiance, the Rabbi who was attacked in the attack, returned to his sermon after the gunman had left the building.

Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein

Who is the suspect?

John Ernest- The suspect.

According to Reuters, the suspect called the police and admitted to being involved in the shooting and then surrendered on a highway nearby. Police have identified the suspected gunman as 19 year old John Earnest, a nursing student at California.

The synagogue received a grant of $ 150,000 in September to install gates and more secure doors, but the money was only awarded in March. Though, the money was granted to install security assessment and install cameras, fencing and lighting it wasn’t installed. Rabbi Simcha Backman, who overseas security grants told that, “Obviously, we did not have a chance to start using the funds yet”.


Cover Image Source: wnpr 

Other Sources: The Christian Post.

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