Potato chips - Just "one"

PepsiCo’s potato chips, popularly known as “Lays” has become a staple snack among all age groups. Crunching those yummy lip smacking chips, has anyone wondered “how is it manufactured?” and  the “aloo” behind it? Pepsico has legal rights to a special type of potatoes, which it uses in lays products. 

How did the potato issue begin?

The US multinational company, PepsiCo Inc has created a special type of potato variety. It is called the FC-5, which has a reduced moisture content making it better to make potato chips. Pepsi officials had initially said that farmers in Gujarat were infringing on their FC-5 potato patent – saying they would drop a lawsuit. The case garnered global attention, when the multi national company sued four farmers in April for cultivating the exclusive potato variety.  

FC5 variety potatoes, Image Source: pinterest

Withdrawal of lawsuit after outrage in Gujarat

In an Ahmedabad civil court on Friday, PepsiCo’s lawyer offered a settlement on terms:

  •  Either the farmers give an undertaking that they will not use its registered variety. 
  • Or they must enter PepsiCo’s collaborative farming program where farmers sell their produce back to the company. 

Cover Image Source: news.sky 

Other Sources: pinterest

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