Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, will go to trial trial on a defamation case, according to recent court submissions. This will not be the first time Musk has been pulled to trial for bad tweets. He has been accused last year for tweeting misleading financial information, by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Musk's tweets caused market chaos and harmed Tesla Investors

Vernon Unsworth got into a conflict with the CEO, shortly after rescuing a soccer team, trapped in a cave in Thailand. The British cave diver criticized Elon’s opinion of using a “kid-sized submarine” for the rescue mission. Consequently, Musk ridiculed the British diver by calling him a “Pedo-guy” on social media.  

Image Source : Sky News

Things would not have gone erratic, if Elon hadn’t doubled on the insult by tweeting,”bet ya a signed dollar it’s true”, thus affirming his previous statement. The Defamation law does not apply to opinions, and since Elon’s statements seemed more of an accusation, rather than a blunt opinion, there’s a higher possibility that he’d be pulled to trial, says Judge Wilson. The pre-trial conference will take place on October 7, two weeks prior to the actual trial.


Source Image : Detroit News

Other Sources : Sky News

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