WARNING -This article isn’t dark but it is full of spoilers. Do not go any further if you haven’t seen the latest episode (Season 8 Episode 4). There will be mentions of important plot lines and character deaths. 

The Night is Over

The Battle of Winterfell showed us the end of of the white walkers when Arya Stark launched herself at the Night King and stabbed him. The undead were defeated but not without significant losses. Gear up folks, we’re going for a dead count. Most of the Dothraki and Unsullied got slaughtered as they were first in line to face the Army of the Dead. And no, Melisandre’s fancy fire magic didn’t really help except for illuminating the deaths of a few beloved characters. 

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What is dead may actually die

The House of Mormont got wiped out valiantly, Lyanna going out like a champ, taking down an Undead Giant and Ser Jorah died defending the woman who could never love him back.Among other minor deaths are Beric Dondarrion and Edd of the Night’s Watch, again dying trying to defend someone else. Melisandre died at daybreak after the war was won, while Theon Greyjoy completed his character arc beautifully. By being the last one standing in the Godswood between the Night King and Bran, he ran at the former with a spear and died honorably. Ned Stark would have been proud. May their characters rest in peace wherever fictional people go to die.

Fun and Games until someone falls in love

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The aftermath included a funeral service, a party, a drinking game resulting in a certain knight losing her virginity and getting dumped by a one-handed Lannister. This of course, breaks dear Tormund’s heart as he leaves with an equally heartbroken Ghost to the true North. Not to mention Gendry getting legitimized as a Baratheon and given a castle and the first thing he does is getting turned down by a Stark woman. Sounds about right.  

The Greater War

Daenerys Targaryen is hellbent on facing off with Cersei and claiming the Iron Throne, despite tremendous losses. Here we can see her somewhat blinded by the recent success at Winterfell and driven by the fear of Jon’s claim. So against Sansa’s and her counsel’s advice, she orders the remaining forces to head South. Jon does as his Queen commands because he doesn’t want the throne and he loves her, yet he tells his sisters of his true parentage. Sansa tells Tyrion when he pleads with her to stay on Daenerys’ good side. This has a domino effect as everyone around Daenerys sees how she’s slowly slipping into madness and Varys turns on her. Tyrion does his best to convince Dany to avoid bloodshed and try to make Cersei surrender as a last attempt. Needless to say, things escalate from there.

What do we say to sacking the capital? - Not Today

The Targaryen ships got ambushed by Euron Greyjoy’s armada and he finishes by killing off Rhaegal as well as taking Missandei prisoner. Upon confrontation, Cersei is cold and unrelenting since the Red Keep is surrounded by the Dragon Killer 2.0s. Tyrion’s appeals bring tears to her eyes but nothing more. 

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A chained Missandei is beheaded before Daenerys (by the god damn Mountain) and her last words were “Dracarys”. So it’s safe to assume after the look of utter fury on the daughter of the Mad King’s face, the forecast for King’s Landing seems to be raining down hellfire. If only someone listened to Sansa Stark, after all she’s managed to outlive all her enemies and been nothing but right so far.


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