Amazon shareholder attempts to return a purchase directly to CEO Jeff Bezos

An Amazon shareholder attempted to return an item purchased from the tech giant, directly to CEO Jeff Bezos! He took it in a comical and continued satirically.

During the recent annual shareholders conference in Seattle, a women shareholder took the advantage of the open question conference to return a purchased item directly to Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos.

To return an item, you have to either use the Amazon website, app, or helpline. She had apparently tried 4 times with no luck, thus resorted to this unusual returning method.

Jeff Bezos took the situation in a comical manner and even asked the other shareholders if they had any other items they wanted to return!

Amazon shareholder attempts to return item at annual meeting, saying she had tried without luck four times. Says @jeffbezos: “My apologies that you had to use this unusual venue to accomplish what should have been a routine task. Anybody else have anything they need to return?”

— toddbishop (@toddbishop) May 22, 2019

The shareholder conference

The shareholder conference was held in Seattle, Washington. It was aimed at demanding action from the tech giant regarding climate change and pay parity.

Activists from @350_Seattle, who worked with Amazon employees to file a shareholder resolution calling on the company to be a leader on climate change.

— GeekWire (@geekwire) May 22, 2019

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