Highlights of the Windows May 2019 Update

The Windows May 2019 update is rolling out. Here are all the new tweaks and changes!

Update: A vulnerability has been found in this update. Be careful before updating!

Microsoft released the new update through its Windows Insider Program. The update is now slowly rolling out to the public. It might take some time for you ti receive the update however, as Microsoft is rolling it out in a “throttles and measured” manner.

The update contains bug fixes, tweaks, and performance enhancements as usual. Here are some of the highlights of this update.

Windows light theme

The light theme is basically the opposite of the existing dark theme. It changes the UI elements to a white-based theme. This also becomes the default option for Windows 10 Home edition.

Windows Sandbox

Sandbox is a new feature where unknown executable files (.exe) can be run on an isolated desktop environment. Once done, the “sandbox” can be closed and no trace of its actions or applications run on it will remain. This is a very welcome feature as now users are better protected by unwanted “.exe” files. Developers can even use the feature to test their apps without putting their computer at risk.

Other highlights

  • Ability to kill integrated apps
  • Kaomoji (Japanese Emoticons)
  • Ability to run desktop applications in Windows Mixed Reality
  • Sign-in with Microsoft accounts without a password
  • Separation of Cortana (voice assistant) and Windows search
  • Ability to pause updates
  • More clean and appealing “start menu”

Be careful before updating, as recently a “zero-day vulnerability has been found in this update!

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