The Shaheen-II ballistic missile

Pakistan recently announced that they conducted a test of their Shaheen-II ballistic missile. This missile is reported to have a range of around 1,500-miles and capable of carrying conventional and nuclear warheads.

This could be a signal to India, demonstrating Pakistan’s prowess in order to not seem weak, as they have also said they want peace.

Shaheen-II is a highly capable missile which fully meets Pakistan's strategic needs towards maintenance of deterrence stability in the region

Pakistan Military

Recent tensions between Pakistan and India

Recently, India launched an air attack against what they said was the training camp of Jaish-e Mohammed, the group responsible for the suicide attack that killed 40 in Kashmir.

Pakistan also retaliated with their air force, and resulted in shooting down an Indian jet and caputuring an Indian Air Force pilot.

Pakistan then returned the pilot back to India due to international pressure, as a signal of peace. There have been no major incidents between the two countries, but the tension is clearly visible.

Pakistan and India soon to talk?

Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, has announced many times his intentions for peace talks with India. He has even said that there is more prospect for peace if BJP won the ongoing general elections. 

With the NDA in a large-margin majority already, it is almost certain that Modi-lead BJP will return to power once again. This is a good sign for India, Pakistan, and international peace.


Cover Image Source: Reuters

Source: The Economic Times