SpaceX just launched on Thursday (May 23), the largest payload ever on a Falcon-9 rocket. After multiple launch delays due to weather and testing, the rocket carrying 60 Starlink satellites took off from Cape Canaveral at 10:30 PM EDT. This is the third time that this particular booster is used.

The launch stack of 60 satellites weighing in at 227 kg each, makes very good use of the space in the fairing hold.

The rocket has safely landed on a floating platform, and the fairings have also been recovered. This marks SpaceX’s 40th successful rocket recovery.

SpaceX says they plan to put 12,000 Startlink satellites in orbit by 2020, providing gigabit connections to even rural areas. The mission of Starlink is to create a “mega-constellation” of satellites in space, to prove affordable and reliable internet connection around the globe.

Courtesy: SpaceX,