Flash Season 6: What to expect!

CW's The Flash concluded its 5th season on 14th May, 2019 and has been confirmed to return for its 6th.

SPOILER ALERTFrom Godspeed making an appearance to Nora Allen being erased from existence Flash’s 5th season foreshadowed CW’s next big crossover (which also features The Green Arrow, Supergirl and The Legends) “Crisis on Infinite Earths”. With the production for the season still in effect, here’s what we can expect in the 6th season.

1.Nora's Resurrection

The season finale bid farewell to Nora West Allen when she was erased from existence due to changes in the timeline. One can always expect her to return, she is the Flash’s daughter after all.

2. What happened in 2024

Since the first season, the news article from 2024 in the time vault reads “Flash Missing: Vanishes in Crisis”. Perhaps this season we might come to know what exactly happens in 2024. It may answer questions like, where and how Barry Allen (The Flash) disappears.

3. The Crisis on Infinite Earths

While “The Crisis” has been confirmed, fans are just curious to get all their questions answered. With several fan theories coming up, the mega crossover is something which the all us fans can look forward to. 

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