American President Donald Trump confirmed on Friday that he would consider pardoning American soldiers for their crimes. Memorial Day, which falls on 27th May is a much-celebrated event that marks the prowess of soldiers who died fighting for the country. The crimes in question had wrecked the lives of so many innocent and unarmed civilians. Is Donald Trump abusing and taking advantage of the power offered to him by the US Constitution?

Donald Trump, American President

Those who are being considered:

The New York Times reported that Edward Gallagher, a decorated US Navy SEAL, was charged with murder when he allegedly stabbed an Islamic State fighter who was held captive. The already wounded teenage boy succumbed to the fatal stab. The veteran pleaded not guilty and his trial has been postponed till June 10.

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What struck as shady was, the lawyer appointed to the Gallagher’s defense team is Marc Mukasey, also happened to be Trump’s personal lawyer. “I have a job to do in the courtroom. I have no clue whether anything else is going on,” said Mukasey in an interview with Reuters, as he dismissed the notion of Gallagher’s pardon. Gallagher’s wife, Andrea also beat down any alliance between the President and Mukasey. She says “There is no direct conflict in my mind, Marc Mukasey has not talked to the president. The president has not talked to him. So I think that this insinuation that a lawyer representing one individual that’s also representing another is actually just stringing together a conspiracy that’s non-existent.”

Mark Mukasey, Trump's personal lawyer

Another case, involving Matt Golsteyn, an ex-member of Green Berets, the US army, is allegedly being considered for a pardon. An alleged Taliban Bomb maker was shot to death in2010 by Golsteyn. In 2011, three Marines were arrested for urinating on the dead bodies of Taliban fighters. It’s appalling to know that this case is also mused on being pardoned. Such pardons would be “disgusting” warned Peter Buttigieg, who’s running for President in the year 2020.

How does Trump justify these alleged pardons?

President Trump agrees that such an act would result in a lot of bickering but justifies his actions by stating that the American soldiers have been treated “unfairly”. “Some of these soldiers are people that have fought hard, long. You know, we teach them how to be great fighters, and then when they fight sometime, they get really treated very unfairly,” Trump said. He has decided to await the day the accused stood before trial before deciding to grant them pardon.


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