Ladies can now stand and pee! Sounds insane doesn’t it? This revolutionary, portable, female urination device has changed the perception of use of unhygienic toilets for Indian women.

What is PeeBuddy? Why Peebuddy?

This game-changing product, called “PeeBuddy”, is an easily disposable, funnel-like cardboard device that makes urinating at public places easier for ladies. The tagline reads, “Ladies, no more “URINE CONTROL”, now “YOU’RE IN CONTROL”. PeeBuddy is an ideal solution for travelling, pregnancy, and patients suffering from arthritis, diabetes and cancer-patients who have low immunity.

This funnel-like device helps to relieve yourself without coming in contact with the toilet seat, thus effectively preventing hazardous diseases like Urinary Tract Infection (UTIs) and cervical cancer every year. One in every two women in India suffers from Urinary tract infection. About 13,200 Indian women are diagnosed with the uterus or cervical cancer every year.

The Men Behind the Idea

Meet the founder brothers of PeeBuddy, Deep and Mohit Bajaj whose idea bagged a turn-over of 10 million USD (Rs 1 crore) in the business year 2016-17 and around 25 million USD (Rs 2.5 crore) of sales in 2017-18. This male duo broke all stereotypes and  found a practical solution to the hygiene horrors women face in public restrooms.

Deep Bajaj says “We don’t have a woman co-founder, so someone has got to do the talking and I choose to do so without shame. I am yet to come across a woman who disapproves the idea.”

 Kudos to these game changers!