A JCB excavator.

Presently a new hashtag #JCBkikhudai has taken over the internet in India. The hashtag has in itself become a new meme sensation. While Twitter and Instagram users flood the feed with it, we at News Landed would like to answer when and how this unusual hashtag took over the internet. 

As it appears the first time it gained popularity was when a twitter user found a random video of a JCB excavator doing its work with over 4 million views.

A JCB excavator video with millions of views!

Soon it was followed by another twitter user posting a video using the same hashtag with the caption “Reason why #jcbkikhudayi is trending.” which basically shows a groom arriving on a JCB excavator at his own wedding.

Naturally the news reached the JCB company and they were very humbled by all the affection the country has provided them. They even tweeted the same.

With the sensational hashtag still hot and trending. We never know what extraordinary thing awaits us next!