Why the seats are mostly blue?

If you are a frequent air traveler. You may have noticed that the seats are usually blue in color. While you may be wondering why we will make it easy for you.

Blue acts as a calming color

While flying as a means of transport has evolved significantly, many people are still scared of it and are anxious when on board. So to calm and relax such passengers, the color blue was adapted mainly because science associates it with the calming centers of the brain. Well, I guess now we know why red seats are so rare.

A completely blue seat matrix.

Blue helps camouflaging

Naturally, the seat which has been reserved for you has been occupied by over a thousand passengers before, which no doubt makes it dusty and prone to stains. While regular cleaning does take place, the color blue helps in camouflaging the stains and gives a cleaner look.

Here this video will help you understand it better:

While some airlines do use other colors for the seats, blue will continue to be the most used until science figures out another way, or “aerophobia” goes out of existence.