Huawei reportedly begins to scale down phone production

Foxconn, Huawei's main manufacturer has begun to cut down production of Huawei phones on multiple supply lines.

Following the recent ban of U.S. companies trading with Huawei, the South China Morning Post claims that Foxconn has begun to reduce production of Huawei phones.

Courtesy: Nikkei Asian Review

Foxconn, Huawei’s main manufacturer, has allegedly cut production on several production lines following decrease in demand. It is unknown if this is temporary, or if this is a long term decision.

Huawei’s trade blacklist affects not only its phones, but also laptops and almost all other electronics they manufacture. Huawei is not wildly popular outside of Mainland China, so it is interesting to see how they tackle this issue.


Image Sources: Nikkei Asian Review, Android Authority

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