In spite of every comfy-ness in the bed, something makes you a bit restless and you feel so until you flip the pillow and rest your head on “the cold side”. Finally! You can get that good night’s sleep you’ve been craving for.

While this is a common practice many people, here’s what science has to say about it.

According to science sleeping on the cold side helps the body to cool down by transferring the heat to the pillow thereby cooling the body. When the head rests on the cold side the heat due to the supplied blood is given out to the pillow and so the body temperature drops down significantly. Cooler temperatures help the mind to relax more efficiently alongside other parts of the body which basically ends up with the person getting better sleep.

 While science has come up with the new chilling pillows, no matter what but flipping the pillow will always be fun.

sleep well!