British Prime Minister, Theresa May tearfully announced that she will step down as leader of the Conservative party on June 7th. She will, however, remain as prime minister until her successor is chosen. That will likely take place mid- to late-July. As D-Day draws closer, let us take a look at the events that led to this ousting and the legacy she will leave behind.

The Maybot's losses

May’s leadership style was problematic at the very least. Her constant cabinet reshuffles created animosity. Her failure to deliver on Brexit after her predecessor played a huge role. Not to mention three harrowing defeats in Parliament alienated her from the people as well as her own party. As her party lost the majority in the Parliament in 2017, things went downhill for the divided Conservative Party and it’s humiliated leader.

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Victim or Villain?

The future of Brexit remains as uncertain as ever. Although it has resulted in a withdrawal agreement for May, it has not provided clarity for Brexit despite extensions. At this point, it is apparent that Theresa May’s leadership skills were lacking. May faced crisis after crisis, and promised to stand aside in an attempt to persuade her own party to keep her as leader for a little longer.  As a last ditch effort, she tried to compromise a solution with Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, that was of no avail.  It was the end of the line for May, when she walked down the famous steps of 10 Downing Street in tears, announcing her resignation date. Since it is after US President Trump’s State visit and D-Day commemorations,Trump has urged May to “stick around”. That seems highly unlikely as she is leaving the country more divided as ever.


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