Short people really know the struggle they face when they are at a crowded concert or at festivals where they have to jump to see over the heads of people. Here comes a solution to all those troubles.

Dominic Wilcox has built a device he calls the ‘One Foot Taller’ glasses. It enables users to see approximately 30.5 centimeters above their normal eye level. These glasses can be a quick-fix for all the short people struck behind taller attendees. 

Periscope glasses

Inspiration behind these glasses:

The London based designer recalled one of his experience and quoted “I was standing at a gig and turned to see a small woman dancing away but unable to see the band. This gave me the inspiration to design a way for people to see over obstacles such as tall people like me”.

Dominic Wilcox's "one foot taller" specs.

The idea for these glasses popped up to Wilcox when The Microsoft Surface challenged inventors to come up with ‘extraordinary solutions’ for ‘everyday problems’ at an exhibition in London. 

image source: comedy central

Hope, the “Periscope glasses” brings a solution to all such regular issues short people generally face. 

Cover image source : lifestyle

Source: ladbible