The importance of “Father’s Day”

A history of Father's Day, and what it means to me.

History of Father's Day

The day of our dad’s. It has been a tradition for many years to celebrate on that one Sunday every year for our fathers. Father’s day was inaugurated in the United States in the 20th century as another complementing holiday to Mother’s Day, Sibling’s Day, etc. Brought in by the Spanish and Portuguese, it is always celebrated on the third Sunday of June. 

After many hurdles and political resistance, a bill was passed in 1972 by President Richard Nixon. Congress had continuously feared that it would become a commercialized holiday. Ever since then, people have made Father’s Day very special. It has been celebrated for over 100 years and now has become a worldwide tradition.

What "Father" means to me

 Father’s Day is very special to me because I have spent my entire life with my dad, and he has made it the best.

My dad has helped me with many hard decisions. At school, my dad would help me prepare for very hard teats. He would always be up to date on upcoming state tests and helps me practice for them. He has also been there for my sports achievements. Without him signing me up for basketball camps and leagues, I wouldn’t be as skilled as I am now. My dad has been a great inspiration in my life. I wouldn’t have gotten this far in life without him.

My dad has ignored his job and work many times to work with me, for me to succeed in life. He has created a solid foundation for me so I can achieve his goal to make me a successful person. He has also spent a lot of time to help me and correct any mistakes I made along the way. 

Image: Three amazing dads. (Other amazing dads are not in image) Photo: News Landed

My dad is one-of-a-kind. Happy Father’s Day, dad.

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