Kim Hanbin, also known as B.I, the leader of the rising K-Pop group, iKON, left the group after Korea Dispatch released a chat room, accusing him of drug use on 12 June. His abrupt leaving has stunned their fans, iKONICs greatly. Read more to find out what happened, and what this means for iKON.

Kim Hanbin, B.I
Image Source: B.I iKON fansite, FLAWLESS

What actually happened?

The K-Pop idol was accused of drug use, after the review of a chat room with his acquaintance, ‘Mr A’. In the chat room that Dispatch released, it was stated that B.I had wanted to try strong drugs, LSD and Marijuana in 2016. After the chat room was released for public viewing, B.I posted a letter to his fans on his Instagram page. 

B.I stated in his letter that he was going through a very rough time, which was why he wanted to rely on the drugs. However, he did not intake the drugs as he was too afraid to do so. Nevertheless, he stated that he was very embarrassed and sorry towards his fans and fellow members and that he would take his leave from the group to reflect on his actions. 

The group’s company, YG Entertainment denied the drug involvement. The company stated that it purchases drug tests from the United States to check if any idols were using drugs every two months. Since B.I did not intake the drugs, the tests remained negative.

What is in-store for the remaining members and fans?

Although the leader is not part of the group anymore, YG Entertainment has made it very clear that the group would continue on, without B.I. The company also stated that the former leader would be cropped out of all pre-recorded shows. The group will continue to produce songs, perform and go on tours, without B.I. In this unfortunate incident,they request that fans would be understanding.

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Sources: Koreaboo, NME

Cover Image Source: YG Entertainment