How does winning matches land you in trouble – A review on Team India’s journey in World Cup 2019

Do you know that Rohit's record-breaking form cost India this World Cup? Can we believe that Kohli's stupendous form was one of the reasons why India couldn't go to win the World Cup? Do read our article to know more about India's journey.

India’s Journey in World Cup 2019

  Rohit didn’t have a good IPL season held earlier in 2019. He failed miserably in the two warm-up matches. But once the World Cup commenced, he took out his A-game and scored 5 centuries in 8 innings with a hattrick of centuries in it. His spectacular form denied the testing conditions for Indian middle order in league matches.

Kohli, as usual, was brilliant throughout the tournament. He scored 5 back to back half-centuries. He along with Rohit gave the Indian middle-order the luxury of not getting into pressure situations. KL Rahul and Dhawan contributed their part to obstruct the Indian middle and lower-middle order’s match practice. All in all, World’s best top 3 can be thought of as an indirect reason for India not winning the World Cup.

     If India had lost one or two matches due to the failure of the top 3, India would have focused on its weak middle order and could have come hard in the semi-finals. If recalled, India faced the same situation in CT 2017. India won all the matches in their way to reach the finals, thanks to a brilliant effort from our Top 3. A rare failure of Top 3 in the final of CT 2017 cost us the trophy. It seems like India didn’t learn the lesson from that defeat. Now the same thing happened again in this tournament.

     Though middle order didn’t get enough chances, they should have utilized the rare chances that they got to the fullest extent. At this level of the game, they can’t blame the amount of match practice they got. They got to be ready for anything that comes their way. Our bowlers were magnificent throughout the tournament and contributed very much in every win. They never let down the team. Initially, they put a brake on the opponent’s run rate and chip in with regular wickets in middle overs thereby not letting the opponent give any sort of come back. And death overs were taken care of by Boom Boom Bumrah.

     Overall, India’s performance was satisfying in the tournament. Rohit’s world records, Kohli’s beautiful innings were a treat to watch for the fans. Shami’s hattrick against Afghanistan, Bumrah’s deadly Yorkers provided eye feast  to the audience. Kung fu Pandya’s timely cameos were mind blogging. Jadeja’s 77 was a career defining innings. And he was spectacular in the field too by saving 41 runs in just two matches. Overall it was a team effort to reach up to this stage. Congratulations Team India for making it this far in the tournament.

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