New Porsche Cayenne e-Hybrid 2019

The Porsche Cayenne e-Hybrid is a combination of both petrol engine and a powerful motor, producing a tremendous amount of power.

The German company is all set to conquer the sports SUV segment with its brand new Porsche Cayenne e-Hybrid 2019. The most crucial upgrade of this supercar SUV is the combination of both motor and engine, which will lead to the generation of tremendous amount of power. There is not much change from the way Cayenne looked in the past. But there is a whole lot of difference in the way it runs on the road.

Specs and Features

The Porsche Cayenne e-Hybrid, is powered by a 2995cc, 3 litre V6 engine combining with a powerful motor and a 14.1kwh battery producing a massive 462hp of power with 700Nm of torque. It sets the 0-100 kmph mark in 5 seconds, just one second more than the previous one.  As soon as you press the throttle, you will definitely feel a huge amount of power under your foot and the car will just fly away. This supercar SUV stands tall at 4926 x 2194 x 1673 mm body dimension, and comes with the large 23-inch wheels, ensuring you the best seating and ride comfort.

In this latest upgrade of the Cayenne e-Hybrid, there comes with an e-power only mode that lets your motors take all the control of the automobile. It can go upto 135 kmph in this e-power only mode without any hesitation. Thanks to the high power battery and the motor, the torque is readily available as soon as you will press the peddle down. The ride comfort is set up to the mark, and with the help of the beautifully designed air suspension in and around the chassis, the height of the tires is easily adjusted in order to cross uneven roads smoothly. It can make upto 20 to 40 kms in one full charge. As soon as you switch to the e-power only mode, you can feel the 700nm torque as soon as you press the peddle without any detonation of the engine. The cabin is very quite and you can hear the pin drops.

Price and Value

The Porsche Cayenne e-Hybrid comes with a price tag starting at $79,000 (1.58 crores INR, ex showroom India). Now this may seems to be a little more than its competitors, but the company is pretty confident on what they offers at this price tag. Now, the question is whether a person should invest in it  or not. If the consumer is looking at the benefits of the all electric mode in this segement, then he must consider that at max 40 km in one full charge and rest will be ordinary mileage from the petrol engine. Apart from this, the luxury and the ride quality goes hand in hand. Both the front row passengers as well as the back seat passengers will feel equal amount of comfort and each and every penny paid will definitely be worth it.


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