Here is how to get a free Google Home Mini from Google

All you need to have done to win a free Google Home Mini is use the Google Assistant actively. Lucky winners still need to pay shipping.

If you actively use the Google Assistant, there is a good chance that you could get a Google Home Mini for free! There is no method or application to get chosen. All you have had to do is use the Google Assistant on a regular basis.

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Google has done a similar thing like this Google Home Mini giveaway before. They have given the same speakers away to random YouTube Premium users.

The only thing that you have to do is keep an eye out for the offer in your Google Feed. If you are a regular user of the Google Assistant, you will see the “Get your free Google Home Mini” offer as a card. You can either accept it or deny it.

google home mini giveaway
Source: XDA Developers

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Although Google is giving the smart speaker away for free, users that claim the free gift still have to pay for shipping. Seeing how it would cost around $5-6 on a product that is $49 pre-tax, it is an absolute steal!

The Google Home Mini

The Google Home Mini is a small smart speaker that connects to an outlet in your home. Once synced with your Google Account, you can ask it questions, control your other smart devices, and check your calendar, email, etc. The Google Home Mini requires a home WiFi connection to work.

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The speaker also has touch sensors for pause/play controls and 360-degree sound. Though you can play music through these speakers, the primary purpose is to provide an affordable Google Assistant solution for your home.

Why is Google giving away free speakers?

As Google is preparing for its hardware event on October 15, it is no surprise that Google is giving away the older speaker. This is because a new Google Home Mini speaker is expected during this event, and the company might be trying to clear out all stock of the old speaker.

Along with the new Google Home Mini, the Google Pixel 4 is also expected to launch, along with other Google hardware products.

Source: HotHarware

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