Stranger Things Season 3 mall is about to be sold

The Stranger Things mall featured in season 3 is now up for sale. Though it was envisioned as a crowded building, it is actually quite empty.

Stranger Things Season 3 introduced us to Georgia Mall, which is now up for sale. The mall, which is actually pretty much empty and abandoned, is shown as a crowded and lively place in the TV series.

Georgia Mall, showcased as “Starcourt Mall” in the show, symbolized a center for the city. The mall played a huge role in the story, as the climax and final battle occurs at the mall. The secret Russian base is also hidden underneath the mall. The look and set of Georgia Mall will forever stay iconic in the TV show, even if the mall is sold and remodeled.

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Joe Allen, executive director of the Gwinnett Place Community Improvement District, told The Gwinnett Daily Post that the decision to sell the mall has been finalized. Moonbeam Capital Partners, the owners of the mall, will be sourcing the sale through Colliers International Atlanta.

The sale price hasn’t been decided by the owners yet.

The parking lots will not be included in the sale of the mall. Other stores in the complex such as Macy’s, Beauty Master, and MegaMart will continue to own their buildings.

Source: CNN

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