Typhoon Hagibis strikes, leaves Japan devastated

Typhoon Hagibis and has left at least 18 people dead, with 13 missing. Though Japan receives many typhoons, it is rare for one to hit Tokyo.

Typhoon Hagibis is the 19th typhoon to hit Japan this year. It is said to be the worst typhoon Japan has faced in 60 years.

How the Typhoon has affected Japan

The storm, which is one of the worst typhoons to hit Japan in recent history, has left at least 13 people missing and at least 18 dead. Japan has close to 20 typhoons annually, but it is very rare to have typhoons hit Tokyo, the capital city of Japan.

Typhoon Hagibis caused many different areas to suffer from heavy floods and landslides as it thrashed the country with wind speeds of 225km/h (140mph). Many places that are low-lying are flooded, and Japan has deployed many rescue workers to save as many lives as possible. Power was also cut to almost half a million homes.

It is reported that the Rugby World Cup match between Namibia and Canada was canceled due to the storm. However, the match between Japan and Scotland was set to go ahead. Two matches were canceled on Saturday. All practice sessions and qualifying rounds of the day were canceled too.

Preparations made to fight the typhoon

The country and its citizens have made many preparations to fight what is called to be the worst typhoon in a long time. Close to 7 million people were told to evacuate their houses but it is said that only 50,000 people have found their way to the shelters. They also stocked up on some necessities that they would need till the end of Typhoon Hagibis.

typhoon hagibis japan
Empty convenience stores as public stocks up on necessities. Image Source: AFP

Many bullet train services were stopped temporarily, and several lines on the Tokyo metro were suspended for most of Saturday. Tokyo’s Haneda airport and Narita airport have rescheduled or canceled close to 1,000 flights. Shopkeepers are also trying to protect their shops by putting tape on the windows and ‘sandbags’ to prevent water from entering the shops.

Rescuers are also going all out and are doing what they can to save the public. Helicopters were sent with rescue teams in it to save people who are stuck in the terrace of their homes. Many people were identified by rescue teams when they tried to catch their attention by waving towels in the air.

typhoon hagibis japan
Japanese who have found temporary refuge in Suzuka Circuit in Suzuka, central Japan, where the Formula One Japanese Grand Prix was held.

About the typhoon

Typhoon Hagibis had hit Japan at around 7 PM on Saturday, according to Japan Standard Time. The storm was expected to weaken and move away from Japan on Sunday. Typhoon Hagibis hit Japan just as they were recovering from Typhoon Faxai. It caused two deaths and many injuries when it hit Chiba, Japan. The government of Japan has expressed that Hagibis is probably the worst storm to hit Tokyo since 1958. The typhoon caused more than 1,000 deaths and submerged around 500,000 homes.

Source: CNA, Straits Times, BBC

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