Apple Mac Pro to be launched in December along with Pro Display XDR

If rumors from the internet and a report from the Bloomberg is to be believed, Apple’s newest Mac Pro is going to launch in December.

At the time of this launch, Apple is also probably going to launch Pro Display XDR, which is a 32-inch 6K display with a resolution of 6016×3384 (about 20 million pixels) which is more than most other displays. This display is meant to rival cinema-grade monitors at a price point of 5000$.

The Apple Mac Pro was revealed in June 2019 at the Worldwide Developers Conference but the exact details on its release date are not out yet. A Launch in December means that Apple goes back to its basics like the Mac Pro 2013 and iMac Pro 2017 which were launched on December 18 and 14 respectively.

The new Mac is mainly targeted towards the existing user base of Mac, especially pro users. The new Mac Pro is said to be easily upgradeable and custom configurable, unlike the previous Mac Pro. A stainless steel rim along with a lattice pattern, to ease airflow, has been added to the widely known PC design.

Mac Pro
Source: Apple

It uses an Intel Xeon processor which can be configured up to 28 cores, along with a RAM of up to 1.5 TB. The cost of this beast will start at 6000$, which will go hard on most pockets.

While Bloomberg has just revealed the month of the launch the week and dates can be deduced by the earlier launch times and an estimation of the weeks is the week of 9th December or the week of 16th December which is just before Christmas.

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