Neymar Jr files a new lawsuit against FC Barcelona

According to reports from Barcelona, the Brazilian forward Neymar has filed a fresh lawsuit against his former club. The lawsuit is against the unpaid wages from his previous stint at the club.

According to Spanish news outlet El Mundo, the PSG forward has filed another lawsuit to collect $3.6 million relating to his July 2017 salary. According to Neymar, Barcelona has not paid him his final salary before he quit the club to join the French side.

In 2016, Neymar signed a new contract with Barcelona that would keep him in the club till 2021. However, Neymar moved to PSG less than a year after signing the new contract. PSG paid a shocking $250 million to activate the release clause in his contract.

According to reports, Neymar argues that Barcelona “did not pay him his final salary as a ‘reprisal’ for having claimed his extension bonus.”

New Paris Saint-Germain signing Neymar Jr and Chairman and CEO Nasser Al-Khelaifi pose with Neymar’s club shirt. Photograph: Christian Hartmann/Reuters

Neymar’s Previous Lawsuit against Barcelona.

Neymar has already sued his former club once to demand a sum of 64.4 million euros, which the club would give him as a signing bonus for his new contract. According to Barcelona, they paid Neymar 20.75 million euros before he left for Barcelona. However, they didn’t pay the rest of the sum as the player left for PSG. Neymar filed a lawsuit earlier to collect this unpaid sum. However, Barcelona counter-sued Neymar to return the 20.75 million euros he had already been paid. A Barcelona court has heard both the parties in dispute in September. However, no ruling has been issued by the court yet.

Neymar’s fresh lawsuit might have further blocked his chances of moving back to his former club. Over the past summer, Neymar was heavily linked to a move back to Barcelona. According to the reports, Neymar was trying to force his way out of PSG. However, the deal never took place.

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