The flu and a cold cannot occur simultaneously, a study says

A new study conducted at Glasgow reveals that a cold and the flu and cannot occur simultaneously. The results come after analyzing 44,000 samples between 2005 and 2013.

The study was published yesterday in the National Academy of Sciences after 8 years of careful analysis. This becomes a relief as a suffering form both of ailments at the same time would be unimaginable. “It was clear that flu and rhinovirus which causes the common cold both interact in a negative way,” said study author Dr. Pablo Murcia of the University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research via CNN. This will give us an idea of why both cold and flu seasons change around the year and the probable reason why both do not occur together in a given population. The idea behind the antagonism is probably due to the fact of variation of inflammatory response. Infection with either of them first will trigger an inflammatory response and that response prevents another virus to invade the body.

Further study needed

Although this study reveals the antagonistic effect between the two viruses, the study is based only on a small population. An in-depth research about the clinical occurrence of both viruses should be done on a larger population. While doing so, one should also establish the connection to the association of the environmental factors with the negative effect. Therefore, it would give us a complete idea of the effect existing in a population that would lead us to discover new possibilities in infections. On this note, one should also know that there is a co-existing relationship between flu and pneumococcal bacteria in lung infections. When infections like this can exist in the same lung of the same person, then why not viruses? Questions like this arise and the answers will arise eventually only by more in-depth research.

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Source: CNN

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