Consuming chilies on a daily basis can reduce risks of heart attacks and stroke, says a new study

A new study conducted in Italy suggests that consuming chilies on a daily basis would reduce the risks of heart diseases and stroke. This may open up new possibilities in the understanding these health issues.

Chilies have been long believed to have therapeutic purposes. This research on the roll for proving it to be true. The study was based in Italy, where people consume a lot of chilies in their daily diet. The total population of the study was 23,000, which was a mix of chili consumers and people who didn’t take it. The population was under frequent monitoring for the past 8 years. As an end result of monitoring, researchers found that people who frequently consumed chili had a 40% less incidence of heart disease. Moreover, their incidence suffering from strokes also halved. This is a keyhole in understanding the influence of the diet on one’s body. Also, this also paves the way for us to understand why some diseases are restricted to some parts and why some are not.

The future

Although this research has given an insight into chili’s influence, the exact mechanism behind the reduction is unknown. The study also needs to find additional benefits of consuming chili on a daily basis. One should also note that consuming chili was the main criterion in reduction, not the diet. The people, irrespective of their diet, who had chili on their diet was on the lower side of getting these conditions. In addition, one of the scientists added on how tradition is influencing one’s health due to diet, especially in Italians.

This research gives us more understanding in how diet influences health. More research is needed to explore the other aspects of it. In addition, more research from around the world on different nations that consume chili will sum up the study. Finally, additional research on different foods would definitely pave the way for a healthier future.

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Source: CNN

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