Apple has a secret team working on satellites that may connect to your iPhone in 2025

Apple is known for its stereotype breaking devices, and it has certainly outdone itself if the latest rumors about the company are true. There are reports that there is a covert group of engineers and technicians working in tandem with the company for making wireless technology better and better.

This secret team is also working on satellites and their communication ways to make Apple’s ability to send data to its customers’ devices faster as the world races towards 5G data connectivity. Tim Cook, reportedly, has developed a particular liking towards satellite development, and has set it as a high level of priority for the company.

The team that is working on this has all the engineers required, ranging from aerospace to an antenna design. They hope to finish this in less than five years from now. Over the last one year, Apple has employed many people who are skilled in this area of expertise.

In further support of these reports, Apple has hired John Fenwick, also known for being Google’s ex-head of spacecraft operations, and Michael Trela, Google’s ex-head of satellite engineering. It is notable that both of these men have worked together before in Skybox Images, a company that works in satellite imaging technology. These two are heading the secret satellite team of Apple, if sources are to be believed.

It is also very prominent that Amazon and SpaceX also want to get into this race, as the former has taken steps in the right direction for beaming data from space to earth, it plans to release 3200 satellites into space’s lower orbit and use them for a long term project.

SpaceX, has recently requested access from International Telecommunications Unit (ITU) for launching about 30,000 of its Starlink satellites into space. This is in addition to the 12,000 satellites that have already been approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

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Soure: Fox Buisness

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