Facebook Messenger no longer accepts phone numbers, you will need a Facebook account

Facebook has taken away the privacy that some got from Facebook Messenger in a new move that requires new users to have a Facebook account while signing up to the platform. Previously, you could use just your phone number (like WhatsApp or Telegram), set a profile picture, and that’s it. However, new users are now forced to create a Facebook account in order to use the messaging app.

The move was earlier reported by VentureBeat. This move only affects new accounts. As far as we know, existing accounts will not be forced to connect to a Facebook account.

The vast majority of people who use Messenger already log in through Facebook and we want to simplify the process.

Facebook spokesperson

Looking at the bigger picture

In simple words – Facebook is ruining our favorite apps. A lot of negativity is associated with the tech giant these days due to the infamous data leaks and horrible data privacy practices. Facebook has been trying to change the way people observe the company by branding itself on top of other apps we use frequently. The new “FROM FACEBOOK” badge at the bottom of WhatsApp’s and Instagram’s loading pages are a perfect example of that.

Facebook hopes to regain the lost confidence that people have in the company through practices like these. Though the badge is not that big of a deal, it constantly reminds us that the app we are sending messages on is “from” a giant tech company with horrible data privacy practices.

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There is a common misconception that Facebook is dying and that Instagram is taking over. Instagram is gaining quite a lot of popularity, but the truth is Facebook still has steady growth. At the end of Q4 2018, Facebook had around 2.32 million monthly active users. The company is growing around 9% year over year in monthly active users.

Source: Facebook

The company has slowly been shifting from “feed style” to more person-to-person communication like private messaging and group chats. I don’t really like the idea of Facebook pushing into the private messaging space. Messenger already has ads in between messages, and a similar implementation in WhatsApp or Instagram will enrage millions of users every day.

I believe the future is private. This is the next chapter for our services.

Mark Zuckerburg

I do not like the sound of that. What do you think about Facebook accounts being mandatory for Facebook Messenger?

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Source: cnet

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