Tuesday, August 4, 2020

SpaceX Starship first flight hopefully to occur in 2-3 months, Elon Musk tweets

SpaceX, founded by Elon Musk, is working on building its deep-space rocket – Starship. When fully assembled, Starship will be capable of transporting over 100 people at a time to Mars. Elon Musk recently took to Twitter to say that the first flight of Starship is expected to take place in two to three months.

The Starship rocket system

The Starship/Superheavy rocket system is a reusable launch vehicle meant to transport humans from Earth-to-Earth, Earth-to-Moon, and even Earth-to-Mars. Starship employs advanced “Raptor” engines. These engines have the highest thrust-to-weight ratio of any rocket engine ever built, which makes it possible for Starship to carry large amounts of cargo.

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SpaceX hopes to set up a Mars colony, and he wants to use Starship to do it. The spaceship can be refueled with fuel produced on the ground and SpaceX’s technology means that it can be reused multiple times.

Elon Musk also plans on using Starship for Earth-to-Earth transport. Using suborbital paths, Starship can effectively travel across most locations around the world in under an hour.

Colonizing Mars

Though the idea of humans setting up colonies on other planets seems like an idea straight out of Sci-Fi movies, the only reason that has been holding people back is a capable launch vehicle and cost-effectiveness. SpaceX’s solution with Starship seems to solve all the more traditional problems that space travel faces.

The main reason why all of this will soon be possible is because of SpaceX’s “Raptor Engine.” The next-gen rocket engine has thrust capabilities up to 2MN (2 Million Newton) and is also filed by Methane and LOX (liquid oxygen). As this fuel could be produced from the Martian atmosphere and environment, it makes it possible for the rocket to be refueled on Mars. This is vital, as it is nearly impossible to transport such large amounts of fuel between two distant planets, that too enough to power such a rocket. Most of the fuel would vaporize under the solar radiation from traveling in space.

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