New study shoots down the Theory of Dark Energy

Dark matter is considered as a property of space itself, constituting 27% of it. In contrast to other types of matter, dark energy has always been an impenetrable theory as a larger portion of it remains ambiguous compared to what is known. However, efforts to refute the theory of the existence of Dark Matter that had nabbed the Noble Prize (2011) requires ample evidence to take a stand.

Dark Matter, Image Courtesy: National Geographic

Discovery of Black Matter

Albert Einstein was the first theorist to realize that space isn’t actually ’empty.’ The theory of dark matter transcended into a critical topic when data from the Hubble Space Telescope on a distant supernova was studied. This proves that the universe today is expanding at a rate much higher than it was 20 years back, which ratifies that some kind of driving force is required, and hence ‘Dark Energy’ must exist.

Having studied a sample of supernovae from a couple of galaxies, researchers Perlmutter and Riess, from the Yonsei University have claimed that Dark Matter might not actually exist, after all. The claim states that the redshift of the supernovae is not ubiquitous in all directions, but depends on its direction of alignment with the cosmic background, which questions the existence of black matter.

Why is this evidence insufficient?

The supernova, which was closely observed, appeared to be skewed through space. And hence, stronger evidence is required to support their claim. The other redshift phenomena were too weak to be filtered out from a certain combination of cosmic parameters. The paper, however, cannot be easily dismissed as it pulls a Noble Prize-winning discovery into question.

Source: Space

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