Every upcoming Apple device to look forward to in 2020

Apple has one of the tightest securities around its upcoming devices, so it’s pretty difficult for any information to leak. Having said that, here is everything we know about Apple’s planned products for 2020.

iPhone 12

This device is perhaps one of the most anticipated Apple devices of 2020. The people are ready for a lot of changes, which Apple may or may not decide to bring out. The release date is a pretty standard – around the second Tuesday of the month of September, just like every other year for Apple’s iPhone events. So this day stands to be dates 8th of September, 2020 this year. Although this is just a speculation, this is mostly the date they will go with.

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There are multiple models expected to be launched tentatively, which is very new for Apple as it only releases 2-3 iPhone models a year.

  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone Max
  • iPhone Pro
  • iPhone Pro 5G

The design this year is said to be a lot different and better than the earlier designs. It is said that we may get more square edges than round edges, bringing back the iPhone 4/5 design. This will be a change to the habit that Apple has since the iPhone 6.

The display is rumored to be an OLED display but on all models of the iPhone. In the iPhone 11 variants, the base model has an LCD display while the Pro variant has an OLED display. There are also rumors which suggest it might get a 120 Hz refresh rate, which would make it super smooth, similar to the iPad Pro. There are a few rumors regarding the size of the display, which suggests that the smallest variant will be 5.4 inches and the largest might be 6.7 inches.

The cost of this year’s iPhones is not expected to rise a lot, even with the introduction of 5G handsets. This is a topic well understood by the Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who says that since the devices launch so late, they will get 5G systems at a good price, thus bringing down the whole cost of the phone.

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Apple may move away from the notch in its latest launch, and also might adopt an in-display fingerprint scanner. The iPhone is rumored to have the TrueDepth camera fitted in the top bezel of the device.

There are reports stating that it may have 4 cameras on the back of the device. Looking at Apple’s recent ventures, buying night photography companies and more camera-related corporates, Apple might be planning on creating a ripple in the camera smartphone segment, with maybe even a 3D camera to boost AR capacities.

It is stated to have Apple’s next-gen A14 chip and come with iOS 14.

iPhone SE 2

For all the people who don’t fit into the category rich enough to buy the monster above, Apple plans to re-launch the SE2 brand with a budget iPhone running on the A13 chip. The phone is rumored to have the Touch ID button, along with a design that resembles the iPhone 8. This will have a size of about 4.7 inches only.

2020 iPad Pro

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The 3D camera that iPhone 12 is rumored to be installed in Apple’s upcoming iPad if sources are to be believed. It will have a time-of-flight camera onboard that will further boost AR capabilities. The iPad is expected to bring more power compared to the previous iPad, which is already considered to be faster than most laptops.

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple’s next Apple Watch is expected to be launched in the fall of 2020 and is expected to be better than its predecessor in every way. With better tracking, quality software and hardware, more water-resistance, and maybe a new sleep tracking app, the Apple Watch Series 6 is a top contender in the smartwatch section this year.


Just like all the other ads you have seen on YouTube, Apple may launch small Tile-like Bluetooth tag to help locate your stuff more easily. Just tag this along to your keys or purse and you can locate it at any point in time using the Find My app. What’s more interesting is that it is rumored to bring AR support, so as to make it easier to locate the tag in AR using an iOS device.

Apple-made chip in Mac

Apple may take this year to finally move on from Intel chips and manufacture their own chips to fit and use in the Mac. It already does so in the A-series chips it makes for the iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watch.

Cover Image Source: Ts Designer, YouTube

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