Man survives weeks in remote Alaska wilderness after cabin burns down

Tyson Steele spent 23 days in freezing temperatures after his cabin burned down in Alaska has been rescued. He believes that the fire accident was caused due to the big piece of cardboard he put in his stove. “It started with a pretty hasty mistake,” he said. “I’ve had woodstoves all my life. I knew that you don’t do that. So, it sent a spark out through the chimney which landed on the roof.” Steele quickly salvaged what he could, which included blankets, a few coats, and some sleeping bags. He was able to do this and flee before his cabin became completely destroyed by flames.

He said that he survived because of some canned food and peanut butter. “He had no snowmachine. And his nearest neighbor was 20 miles away, in the tiny community of Skwentna, Steele’s only way in or out of the wilderness was by air charter,” Alaska State Trooper Ken Marsh wrote in a recap of the rescue.

The man was rescued after state troopers responded to a request from a friend, for a welfare check on Mr. Steele after he had not been heard from for several weeks. Mr. Steele had written a giant “SOS” in the snow using ash.

After Mr. Steele’s cabin was destroyed, he spent the first two nights sleeping inside a snow cave he built. He built a pseudo-tent over the remains of his old cabin after the fire went out. He also spent a lot of time sleeping and tried not to go outside, as once the snow had reached 5 ft in height. Assistance arrived last Thursday, and troopers said he appeared healthy though he was stranded for 23 days.

Source: Fox News

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