Tesla official Cybertruck merch is expensive and made specifically for Tesla fans

Tesla Cybertruck merchandise is official on Tesla’s online store. The T-shirt and hat being sold is expensive (and a bit corny) but is made for Tesla fans. The T-shirt commemorates the announcement event of the Cybertruck by depicting the “broken glass” from when Franz van Holzhausen broke the window of the Cybertruck with the steel ball. This came as a surprise as the windows were supposed to be “bulletproof” but Elon Musk managed to handle the incident in a cool way.

The T-shirt is $45 on Tesla’s official merch site, which is way too expensive for a black T-shirt. Elon Musk also took to Twitter to promote the T-shirt, saying it is “bulletproof” (an obvious joke referring to the event).

There is also a trucker hat being sold on Tesla’s website with a Cybertruck logo. However, the quality of the logo looks cheap and doesn’t resemble the Cybertruck clearly. This hat is cheaper (but still expensive) at $30. It is clear that this is made for Tesla fans to show off to other Tesla fans, and not for the common person.

Tesla Cybertruck trucker hat
Source: Tesla

What do you think of Tesla’s new Cybertruck merchandise? Let us know in the comments!

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