Jeff Bezos Phone Hack: Saudi Crown Prince may have been behind it

In 2018, Amazon’s billionaire CEO Jeff Bezos had his phone hacked after receiving a message from the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, according to the Guardian. The WhatsApp message was allegedly sent from Mohammed bin Salman’s personal number and contained an encrypted message that might have contained malicious software to hack into the CEO’s phone.

A digital forensic analysis revealed that it was “highly probable” that an infected video file send from MBS’s account was the trigger that initiated the attack into Washington Post owner’s phone.

For those that don’t know, MBS is accused of murdering Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi in October 2018, 5 months after the suspected hack into Bezos’s phone. Jamal Khashoggi was a prominent journalist close to the Royal Family and covered multiple stories related to Saudi Arabia. It is said that he fell out of favor with the family so he left the country.

After coming to the U.S., he wrote multiple pieces in the Washinton Post criticizing the Saudi government. When he went to the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul to sort out divorce documents with his new fiancee, he entered the building and never returned. The Saudi Royal Family sentenced a few people and called it a “rogue operation” although many suspect that they could be behind the murder.

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Jeff Bezos, being the owner of the Washington Post, could have been targetted due to his position and how his paper had been representing the Saudi Royal Family. A tweet from the Saudi Embassy rejects the claims that the Crown Prince had anything to do with the hacking of Jeff Bezos’s phone.

Investigation is being carried out. Possibly, it may even be revealed how the National Enquirer received the private information from Jeff Bezos’s phone, which it later published.

Do you think Saudi Arabia had anything to do with the hacking? Let us know in the comments below!

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