POCO F2 is confirmed by company as POCO F1 gets official Android 10

The POCO F1 became an instant hit among Android lovers, affectionately nicknamed the “OnePlus Killer.” The POCO F1 earned its name due to its high-end specs at a very affordable package – just $300, but with a Snapdragon 845.

The POCO F1 Android 10 Update

The Xiaomi-backed smartphone finally receives Android 10 via the MIUI 11 Skin, no longer requiring users to install a custom ROM in order to use the operating system. The update is still not OTA yet, but only rolling out to beta testers. However, this is a sure sign that the OTA update is right around the corner.

If you have a POCO F1 with a custom recovery (like TWRP), you can download the flashable ROM of the beta build from XDA Developers. Make sure you take a backup of your existing ROM on an external SD first!

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The POCO F2 confirmed

After 2 long years, the Xiaomi-based smartphone brand POCO finally has another smartphone scheduled for us. The $300 POCO F1 was a killer for its value, but after 2 long years, the device is desperately craving for an update.

The brand is hinting on Twitter via its POCO India account that it will be releasing a new device soon. This is pretty much confirmed to be a successor to the POCO F1.

The first of two tweets is a trailer style teaser, with POCO referring to “Season 2” possibly as the POCO F1 successor.

In the second cryptic tweet, POCO asks its fans to “Prepare yourself for POCO: Season 2.” This is probably the last clue needed to confirm the upcoming POCO F2.

Are you excited for the POCO F2? Would you upgrade from your F1 to the F2? Let us know in the comments!

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