3,000-year-old mummy, Nesyamun, speaks again thanks to technology

During the reign of Pharaoh Ramese Xi, there was an ancient Egyptian priest (Nesyamun) who sang as a part of his ritual duties to the temple. 3,000 years after his death, a 3D printed voice tract has been used in creating his voice sound by a scientist. Leeds City Museum in England holds the Nesyamun Mummy, which was wrapped in 1824. His death was in the early ’50s without any bone damage around his neck, which implies a natural death.

Using non-detective CT scans, 3D prints, and electronic larynx (voice box), helps in producing each individual’s unique vocals with only the limitation of using well preserved soft tissues in creating single vowel words.

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Journal scientific reports show that Nesyamun wishes were for him to speak even after his death. With constant research ongoing, in 2016 the mummy was taken for a CT scan where scientists and researchers were able to identify the information needed to replicate the vocal tract, which runs from the voice box to the lips. This was later used to make a 3D printed airway connecting to the Artificial larynx hence producing a single word or sound.

The hope is that commonly used English words could be replicated in sound. This has caught the attention of most scientists in furthering the studies as well as other novel writers to try and understand the past and how technology can be used in future developments. This has been interesting research as it is the first technique used to predict someone’s voice as it would have sounded back then in the past.

This new development has created a lot of visitors from 200 years ago, and the sound will be in the Leeds City Museum. The development of the sounds as predicted of each individual will be a historic development that will be used almost in every aspect to create more technological advancements. More technological advancements from this development will soon to explore more in developing full-sentence vocal tracts of past and future developments.

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