Tesla’s Navigate on Autopilot to auto-route according to driver’s preference

Whatever you can imagine doing with a passenger car, CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, has tried everything. The American automotive company is proliferating and in full swing with its innovation and research. Tesla’s Autopilot navigation system is one of the best in the market.

Elon also takes care of his customers and wants to mold the company according to consumers’ needs. People have witnessed and appreciated how Elon interacts with the people on the social media platform. A couple of days ago, a similar incident took place. One of the owners of Tesla cars posted a comment on twitter, elaborating some changes for Tesla’s Navigate on Autopilot. Elon Musk gracefully accepted the request and said it would soon be implemented in the EVs.

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The owner requested the feature for auto-routing as per driver’s preference using the Navigate on Autopilot system. There is an option for saving two autopilot locations. The majority of the users keep them as home and office, respectively. But, there are many more places that are requested by the owners. The problem is, if any person is driving in the morning, whether he is going to his office or not, but the Autopilot navigation system usually sets an auto-route to office.

Now, the challenge is to add more options in Autopilot navigation and make the system adapt to drivers’ preferences. Elon has promised to work on this feature and may soon role it out. Tesla’s Navigate on Autopilot is one of the most significant features which leads the company towards driverless cars. Many big companies are working on this technology, and soon the automotive industry will get the futuristic autonomous revolution we’ve been waiting for. Even Cruise LLC, an American company, has announced that it will reveal its driverless car in the coming days.

But still, many are unsure of driver-less vehicles. There are questions raised regarding its safety and security, and how it can manage a traffic situation if there is a collision between a driverless car with other driven by a person. Who will be blamed and who will get the benefit of the doubt? There is a lot to answer, and it will take time. What do you think about autonomous vehicles? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Teslarati, Tesla

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