Americans spent $1.2 billion in beer leading up to the Super Bowl

Though the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl, the real winners are beer companies. A study by The Beer Institute reveals that Americans spent over a billion dollars on beer even before the game started. The Beer Institute announced their findings on a Facebook post on their page.

The post says, “As millions around the country hit stores this week in preparation for this weekend’s Super Bowl parties, beer remains the number one beverage alcohol of choice on football fans’ shopping lists. According to data provided by Nielsen, last year Americans spent $1.2 billion on beer in the two weeks leading to the Super Bowl, compared to $568 million on distilled spirits and $652 million on wine.”

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According to The Beer Institute, 58 percent of sales where aluminum beer cans, while around 37 percent were for glass bottles. This makes sense as the average American will prefer cans over bottles while at home. A survey on The Beer Institute website shows that 76 percent of Americans were planning on drinking beer while watching the game. The survey was conducted nationwide by Quadrant Strategies to 1,175 American adults. The survey also found 78 percent of those people planning to enjoy beer during the game, saying it was an important part of the experience.

Jim McGreevy, CEO of The Beer Institute, said in statement: “Across the country, men and women will take a few hours this Sunday to enjoy good friends, good food, good football, and – of course – good beer. Our nation’s more than 5,600 brewers and beer importers are proud to be part of Super Bowl Sunday, and they have poured their talent and dedication into making sure each celebrant has the right beer for Sunday’s game and future occasions throughout the year.

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Source: The Beer Institute via Fox News

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