Netflix Avatar: The Last Airbender” live-action remake to release in 2020

Netflix announced that it would be remaking the popular Nickelodeon TV series Avatar: The Last Airbender back in 2018. Since then, very little information has been revealed regarding the remake. We know that pre-production is taking place, as Netflix is testing different shooting locations, sets, and costume designs for the live-action remake.

The M. Night Shyamalan movie, The Last Airbender, was a disaster due to the racist casting decisions, deviation from the TV series, and just overall bad remake of the popular TV show. Keeping this in mind, Netflix has brought on the original creators, Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, to heavily be involved in creating on Netflix’s live-action remake. By heavily involved, we mean pretty much create the entire show. The original music directors will also be involved.

Basically, the live-action remake will not deviate from the main theme of the original show. It is expected that Netflix will shine a light on the backstories of other characters, and answer questions and loopholes previously left in the original TV show. It might also answer more questions regarding the origins. Though the timeline is unsure, we can confirm that the development is going strong.

2020 release date

There has been a listing on Netflix for some time now, teasing the soon-to-come live-action remake of Avatar: The Last Airbender. The listing was updated with a “2020” release date but the year was soon removed. However, there is still evidence that it existed.

Netflix Avatar: The Last Airbender listing

As reported by FandomWire, the voice actress of Toph in the TV show, Jessie Flower, revealed on the Word Crafts Chitchat Podcast that the production for the live-action remake was set to begin this month, or in early 2020.

Leaked test sets

There have also been no more updates on the development of the live-action remake, but there have been leaked images of set testing. These show temporary actors enacting popular scenes to give Netflix an idea of how they are going to shoot the series. They are also working on how the different bending forms will be represented in the live-action remake.

Reddit user @bonanzarama posted in the r/TheLastAirbender Subreddit that the costume and visual effects testing had begun in Los Angeles, and also shared the below images.

Netflix Avatar: The Last Airbender live-action remake test shoot
Netflix Avatar: The Last Airbender live-action remake test shoot
Netflix Avatar: The Last Airbender live-action remake test shoot

Executive Producer

Discussing Film reported a few months ago that Dan Lin has been confirmed to executive produce the series for Netflix. Lin has an impressive résumé, having produced franchises like It, Lego Batman, Aladdin, Sherlock Holmes, etc. 


Actor George DeNoto played a small role in the disastrous movie, The Last Airbender. He took to Twitter at the end of 2019 to announce that he will be playing a role in the live-action remake. He played a version of Jet’s character in the movie, so will he play Jet in the live-action as well?

for everyone asking, Yes. i will be playing a role in this series and will do my BEST to re-write the wrong i made by playing a role in The previous shitty Last Airbender movie….. in hopes of being forgiven, wish me luck. – George

— YaLocalWhiteBoy? (@NoHoesGeorge) December 28, 2019

The shows original creators announced that there will be an open casting call for the Netflix live-action remake. However, with all these rumors that production will begin early this year, is there time for an open casting call? It seems unlikely now that the producers will have one, as it would significantly delay the production.

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