Top 5 foods you are eating completely wrong and how to fix it

No matter how healthy food looks on paper, eating it not the way it’s meant to be eaten will only do more harm than good. It is shocking to know that there are so many amazing foods that a majority of us are unknowingly eating the wrong way. This is the reason digestive problems, skin issues, hair fall, and various chronic illness are on the rise.

We will now reveal the five most common daily foods we are eating the wrong way and the ways to fix it, so that they work for us and not against us.


Garlic is the most misunderstood food that people eat. Garlic is a powerful herb, and in Vedic scriptures, it has been considered more than just food. It can treat some of the major disorders of the body, but it should not be consumed daily.

Yes, we must understand that garlic is a powerful stimulant. It tremendously impacts our nervous system. Garlic contains some sulfur compounds which acts as a poison for brain cells. It even kills the good bacteria in the body.

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Sweet potato

Rich in vitamins A, B, and C, with loss of dietary fiber, sweet potatoes are among the best sources of complex carbohydrates. When consumed, sweet potatoes provide us energy for a very long time. This amazing starchy root vegetable can be used for both weight loss and muscle gain. It is not specific to any one, as mentioned by many dieticians. Just the way each recipe is made is different.

Weight loss – Raw unpeeled
Weight gain – Boiled and peeled

Basil leaves

Due to its miraculous properties and therapeutic properties, basil leaves are revered as godly, not just in ancient Indian culture but throughout the world. Today most people around the world using this herb in a way that is harming than working our well being. Basil leaves should never be chewed. Basil leaves have a poisonous pigment in them which, if accidentally left stuck in your mouth, can seriously damage your teeth. To get the maximum benefit from basil leaves, you should simply swallow them.


Sprouts are one of the most potent food options when it comes to nutrients and vitamin content. However, they are extremely sensitive foods, and utmost care should be taken while consuming them, else one can suffer digestive issues. First of all, sprouts should never be cooked or heated, as heating them can make them lose all their nutrients. Sprouts are cold nature foods that are not so easy to digest, so one should eat it in a limited quantity.

Honorable mentions
A. Reddish, cucumber, banana, curd should not be eaten after sunset.
B. Almonds should always be kept in water for 4-6 hours before its get eaten.

Raw vegetables

Most people, while taking a meal, eat raw vegetables with it in one way or another. Food with directly stuffed raw grain vegetables should be avoided. These type of food dishes, when consumed, causes digestive issues. This happens because it breaks the basic rule of ayurvedic cooking that “cooked food and uncooked food should not be eaten together.” This is because the digestion time and gastric juice required to digest cooked and uncooked foods are different.

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